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March 15, 2010

Battle of the Tiny Terrors- NOMINATIONS OPEN

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Nominate your favorite tiny terror in the battle of the century!
Nomination Deadline: March 29th @ 12:00am

Horror fans! I need your help to fulfill a dream.

A dream in which horror fans like you vote for the TINIEST TERROR in horror history.

Picture if you will a Double-Elimination Tournament featuring every small, short, and tiny serial killer, creature, evil doll, puppet, mutant, alien and freak to ever appear in a horror movie. Each match, horror fans like you vote for who you think should win. Each diminutive death-dealers is eliminated after they lose two matches. Only one horror character will remain to be crowned THE TINIEST TERROR

But I need your help to nominate your favorite Tiny Terror. And I mean EVERY tiny terror. We all know Chucky or the Gremlins or the Leprechaun, but who thinks anymore about the creatures in The Boogens or the Demons from The Gate? It's time for every tiny terror in the horror genre, no matter how obscure, to stand tall in the spotlight. Dust off those old movies and nominate your favorite minuscule monstrosity!

How to nominate:

1.) Look at the list of current nominations at the end of this post
2.) If you see a name missing, leave a comment nominating your choice. If they meet the criteria, they will be added to the list.


Combatants in The Battle of the Tiny Terrors must be
  • a fictional character from a horror movie or TV show
  •  an autonomous individual personality (in the case of homogeneous groups like the Gremlins that have some distinct personalities, one will be chosen. In the case of indistinct groups like the Phantasm Dwarfs, a general character will represent the group)
  • Implicated in the death of at least one (1) person or capable and willing to kill
CURRENT NOMINEES (alphabetical)
African warrior (Doll Graveyard)
Aylmer (Brain Damage)
Baby girl (Doll Graveyard)
Baby Oopsy Daisy (Demonic Toys series)
Baby Selwyn (Braindead aka Dead Alive)
Beasties (Beasties)
Belial (Basketcase series)
Blade (Puppet Master series)
Boogens (The Boogens) -- one combatant will represent the group
Chucky (Child's Play series)
Critters (Critters series)
Demons (The Gate)
Dolly (Dolly Dearest)
Ella (Monkey Shines)
Fluffy (Crate Monster in Creepshow)
German soldier (Doll Graveyard)
Ghoulies (Ghoulies series) -- one combatant will be chosen to represent the group
Glen (Child's Play series)
Gremlins -- one combatant will have to be chosen to represent all Gremlins
Grizzly Teddy (Demonic Toys)
Hobgoblins (Hobgoblins)
Jack Attack (Demonic Toys series)
Jester (Puppet Master series)
Leech Woman (Puppet Master series)
Leprechaun (Leprechaun series)
Little Ashes (Army of Darkness) -- one combatant will represent the group
Mini-Dracula (The Creeps)
Mini- Frankenstein (The Creeps)
Mini-Mummy (The Creeps)
Mini-Wolfman (The Creeps)
Minions (Subspecies)
Mother Spider (Arachnophobia)
Mr. Static (Demonic Toys series)
Munchies (Munchies) -- one combatant will represent the group
One-Eyed Monster (One-Eyed Monster)
Phantasm Dwarfs -- one combatant will represent the group
Pinhead (Puppet Master series)
Rumpelstiltskin (Rumpelstiltskin)
Sam (Trick R' Treat)
Samurai (Doll Graveyard)
Six Shooter (Puppet Master series)
Talking Tina (The Twilight Zone)
Tiffany (Child's Play series)
Tooth Fairies (Hellboy 2) -- one combatant will represent the group
Torch (Puppet Master series)
Torok the Troll (Troll)
Totem (Puppet Master series)
Trevor the Rat (Meet the Feebles)
Troll (Cat's Eye)
Tunneler (Puppet Master series)
Zuni Fetish Doll (Trilogy of Terror)


  1. Love this idea and will be thinking hard about who's missing from this list. You covered a lot of the good ones! Funny too because I had previously considered making March all about little villains in honor of leprechauns, but just never got organized enough to do so.

  2. The Leprechaun prompted this idea too. I was on Dollar Bin Horror reading Rhonny's review of Leprechaun 2 and I said I wanted to see "Chucky vs. Leprechaun vs. Jigsaw vs. Sam (Trick R' Treat) vs. the Dwarves from Phantasm."

  3. Can I nominate 3 cupfuls of Squirm worms/Slugs Slugs or Kingdom of the Spiders Spiders?

    Beyond that - Talking Tina from Twilight Zone, Fats from Magic (Me! Me! ME! MEMEMEMEME@!!!)

    Mr Punch from Dolls.

    Aylmer from Brain Damage (at least let him bartend - he secretes addictive, hallucinogenic blue fluid).

    I'd also like to stack the numbers with a "tomato can" that's gonna lose to whoever it goes up against - The Severed Penis from Street Trash

    Or, if you prefer a more muscular appearance - Ron Jeremy's member from One-Eyed Monster.

    A possible dark horse winning candidate would be Trevor the (gun-toting) Rat from Meet the Feebles.

    Will be back to annoy you with more candidates later.

  4. I should state that I realize you will disqualify all my creepy-crawlies - I state in their defense that they all acted with motive, and in my damaged brain I always assign them lines (picture tiny, falsetto spider voices yelling "DDT my ass, you're dead motherfucker!!")

    My tomato-can-candidate is simply provided for skewing the odds and allowing organized crime to profit off this venture.

  5. Hey, man! The Hedgehog's "One-Eyed Monster" is already on the list, but I will add Alymer and Trevor the Rat.

    Maybe later we can have an animal fight. Like a cock fight but with killer spiders and GIANT LEPUS!

  6. Also, without Corky around, all Fats could do is sit on the ground. Won't make much of fight. Then again, Jigsaw is a puppet too. I should probably take him off.



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