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April 6, 2010

CRITTERS 2 -- Cover Criticism

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I wasn't impressed with the modern DVD art for Critters, so let's turn our attention now to the VHS art and modern DVD art for Critters 2 (review). Will they be classic, characterless, or criminal?


Verdict: CLASSIC!

Although this is technically the movie poster, the VHS box art with which I am familiar features the same ball of Krites, but the box art had less text and a red border. This box art for Critters 2 didn't stray too far from the design of the first film's. Instead of a giant Krite, we see the ball of Krites that appears near the end of the film. A striking visual, lovingly painted and detailed, this box art is one I remember from my youth. Although this image feels more static than its predecessor, it makes up for the static design with such an intriguing visual hook.


Verdict: CRIMINAL!

Wow, these Critters DVD covers really are abortions of Photoshop. This cover is the worst example of lazy digital DVD art I've ever seen. For one, it shamelessly steals the central image of the classic poster -- the ball of Krites -- and then brutally rapes it into submission with radial blur filters. At least the other Critters DVD covers use stock photos. After blurring the shit out of it, some lazy designer pasted it over a nondescript background and photoshopped in some fire that is WAY TOO BIG to be in scale with the stock-photo barn. TA-DA -- new covers for the Critters mass-market DVD release. This probably took, what, six minutes? Maybe four mintues if you don't count all the times the design intern sat there furrowing his or her brow over whether to click "Radial Blur" five or six times.


  1. I am in complete agreement with you. One of the best things about VHS is the cover art. You would think the dvd companies would realize this and want to sell more copies.

  2. In the age of digital distribution and piracy, the actual physical space and design of entertainment is becoming less important. When people are downloading your movies or leeching them from torrents, what's the use in designing a really eye-catching box or cover design?

  3. I have fond memories of watching this when I was a kid. Totally agree - love that old art better.

    Gotta watch this movie again soon. Maybe with Part 1 as a double feature.

  4. The cover say The Main Course on top, and They're back for senconds at the bottom. It's clearly commenting on the paradox of a democratic society. Completely "po mo". It's like it hold a mirror up to society and says, "Got ya Sucka'"!



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