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April 4, 2010

Scream Scene #4 (April 13)

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Did you know I publish Scream Scene, an independent horror zine, from Horror in the Hammer?

This issue features:
  • A retrospective on Full Moon Features
  • An interview with Steve Santini, the Dark Master of Escape
  • An Easter Horror movie spotlight
  • and Movie Reviews and lots of Independent Art!
Scream Scene #4 (April / May) will be on April 13th at our screening of Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge and then shortly thereafter at Crash Landing. Issues can also be ordered diectly through me at aaron@horrorinthehammer.com

Horror in the Hammer is a group of local artists, musicians, and promoters in the Hamilton, Ontario area. In addition to our other events and projects, such as our monthly Fright Night Theatre screenings and annual Hamilton Zombie Walk, we put out an independent horror zine focusing on horror from the fan's perspective. I edit and contribute to the zine. Shawn Hopkins of Evil Tiki Media is our art director.

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