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July 24, 2010

Rejected Human Centipede Designs

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 Before Dr. Heiter was inspired with mad genius to devise the elegant ass-to-mouth configuration of the Human Centipede, he experimented with several other failed designs. Although these design schematics were thought lost and destroyed, the Mad Scientist Historical Preservation Society has managed to unearth the few remaining sketches showcasing these rejected designs for constructing a conjoined organism

Inspired by the symmetrical beauty of the Rorschach inkblot test, Heiter sketched this concept for a Human Rorschach after undergoing a psychological evaluation while still employed as a surgeon. This is the first time Heiter envisioned a conjoined organism with one continuous digestive tract, but a critical design flaw made defecation impossible, so his plans were abandoned.

Leaving behind the idea of a conjoined digestive tract, Dr. Heiter began to experiment with using the human body as an extension of other organs: namely, the ears. In this rarely seen concept sketch for the Human Earphones, Heiter theorizes the possibility of stitching a living organism to each ear of a central segment. His notes indicate that the idea was scrapped because of the difficulty of using the rectum and bowels to channel soundwaves into the eardrums.

The Human Totem Pole appears to mimic both the Totem Pole's spiritual majesty and vertically-stacked structure. Heiter's last rejected design before landing upon the final concept for the Human Centipede, this design revises Heiter's fascination with a conjoined digestive tract. Unfortunately, it required the head of each bottom segment to be embedded in the ribcage of the top segment. This would necessitate a complicated and messy marathon session of surgery. There were also secondary concerns about suffocation and organ failure in all subjects.

The Mad Scientist Historical Preservation Society continues to scour Dr. Heiter's remaining records for more documentation from what has proven to be one of the most creative and promising scientific projects since the breakthroughs in two-headed constructive surgery.

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