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July 26, 2010

Screamwave #13: ICHI THE KILLER

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Jenn is back for another episode of Screamwave, and she brings with her a gruesome and bizarre Japanese film from director Takashi Miike: ICHI THE KILLER (2001). In our very NSFW and spoilerific discussion, we find out how far a film has to go before Kris and Aaron get too uncomfortable. During our review, Aaron starts up an impromptu listener contest when he trips over his own tongue and utters the word, “skump.” 

The listener who can email us the most interesting definition for “skump” will win a movie from Aaron’s collection. 

This week, we also debut Fangs on Film, a brand-new semi-regular segment about vampires on TV and in the movies hosted by Aaron and vampire fan Barbara. To kick off the segment, we look at the first season of the horror comedy/drama BEING HUMAN from BBC 3.
Put on your snorkels because we round out the show with an installment of Earth and Beyond with a look at the Russian version of the Loch Ness Monster (“Nesski”) and various odd stories about jellyfish. Then we emerge from the water on Venice Beach to talk about a very expensive two-headed bearded dragon. 

Finally, we address some very thought-provoking and challenging voicemails in our listener feedback.
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Show Notes
Song: "Vampire" by Antsy Pants
[Some original music by Nathan Fleet]

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