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June 14, 2010

Screamwave #7: Night of the Creeps

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Welcome to a very silly episode of Screamwave. Giddy exhaustion, non sequiturs, and a stubborn problem with uneven sound levels from our new mic and mixing board all threaten to derail your fearless hosts as they discuss Fred Dekker’s classic alien / zombie film NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. By the time the show gets to Earth and Beyond to discuss Lady Gaga’s paranormal purchases and alleged UFO landings in Angel Fire, New Mexico, it’s clear that Aaron, Kris, and Jenn have completely lost their minds. Come along for the ride!

Songs “The Undead” and “Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee” by The Screamagers

[Original music by Nathan Fleet]
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Show Notes
Horror in the Hammer
The Screamagers
Scream Scene
Punch Zombie FX
Long Pigs Trailer
Fright Night: Long Pigs (w/ Cast and Crew Q+A)

Night of the Creeps DVD-- Cover
Scare Sarah: Aaron Hates Parasites
Lady Gaga: Who You Gonna Call?
Advocates say UFO landing proved
Alleged UFO Landing Evidence
Fairy Rings
Mail Order Zombie

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