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June 2, 2010

What's Your Horror Face?

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What's your horror face?

Horror in the Hammer hosted a night of French horror cinema on Tuesday with a screening of Ils and Martyrs. I have avoided seeing Martyrs these last two years knowing that we would eventually screen it here in Hamilton. During Martyrs on Tuesday, I became keenly aware that when I am really and truly horrified, I make the same face.

My horror face: I cradle the side of my face and jaw while my pinky rests on my chin and my ring finger is planted firmly on one of my canine teeth. I've seen a lot of horror movies, but it takes a very special brand of terror to provoke me. If you see me doing this, you know I've been horrified to my core.

Are you like me? If so, what's your horror face?

Sarah from Scare Sarah has an excellent horror face. She looks like she's seen a g-g-g-host!


  1. Just emailed you my horror face. Hehe!

  2. Mine is pretty straitlaced, but it always involves my hand on a bible and my right hand in the air.



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