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May 2, 2010

Death Spa-- Cover Criticism

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Now that I posted about Death Spa (review), let's look at its VHS box art. Will it be classic, characterless, or criminal?

Verdict: CLASSIC!

I love this box art! Like the movie, the art is so ridiculously fun and indicative of the the movie's tone but also 80's cheese. Although painted with a sense of depth and form, there's nothing particularly amazing about the composition except for the utter incongruity of the elements. When I look at this art, I can't help but think it shows a scene in which He-Man and a transgendered Skeletor have decided to visit Hell's spa. While He-Man is in the background being ass-tortured by an evil Pec Deck, transgender Skeletor is in the foreground feeling the burn as she sculpts a sexy butt and legs to go with her new female body. Although this art is ridiculous, look at the attention to colour. From the foreground to the background we move from the cool and deathly whites, greys, and blues to a higher saturation of infernal reds, browns, and oranges. Compare this to the omnipresence of blue filters and dull digital sheen that's slapped on most modern DVD art. The Death Spa box art is definitely a classic, and I want it as a poster.

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