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May 17, 2010

New Best-Worst Movie? BIRDEMIC @ Bloor Cinema (May 20)

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Making its Canadian premiere at The Bloor cinema in Toronto this Thursday, Birdemic may be a new contender for best-worst movie of the year.

When I first came across the trailer for James Nguyen’s BIRDEMIC on Youtube, I thought it was a joke. Its atrocious CGI birds and laughable acting seemed like a send-up of schlock films, not a genuine attempt at movie making. Apparently, I'm wrong, and a whole theater of Canadians are going to get to see it for themselves. Rue Morgue is presenting a screening of Birdemic this Thursday at the Bloor Cinema. For $10, writer/director Nguyen will be in attendance to subject schlock fans to his reportedly ham-fisted production.

If this is your thing (and I'm sorely attempted to attend this car wreck as well), you can get all the details at the Bloor Cinema's website: BIRDEMIC @ THE BLOOR 

You should also read Rob Salem's piece from The Star to learn about the ridiculous lengths Nguyen went to in order to get this movie made.

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