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May 18, 2010

Most Memorable Muppet Monsters

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Last Sunday was the 20th anniversary of Jim Henson's death. Like many children with wild imaginations, I was inspired by Jim Henson and his Muppets. When he died, I was six years old. I was old enough to understand the concept of death, but not ready for it to befall one of my childhood heroes. Perhaps what I most loved about Henson's Muppets were the various Muppet Monsters that appeared over the years on the Muppet Show. In celebration of Jim Henson's life, I thought I'd dedicate this late post to my memories of my most memorable Muppet monster sketches!


A full-bodied Muppet monster, Doglion appeared in numerous sketches as well as several feature films, even appearing in the first shot of The Muppet Movie. I will always remember him for his impotent rage as he attempts to destroy Madeline Kahn's good mood. Recently before a showing of The Toxic Avenger Musical in Toronto, a friend and I went into a bar to grab some lunch and this very sketch was playing on the TV across from us.

Gorgon Heap

When this purple guy popped up, he actually scared me when I was little. Usually not featured with the elongated nose he sports in the following clip, he nevertheless gives Lenny the Lizard a taste of his own medicine.


This lovable orange mound with the big mouth appeared in several sketches, taking a starring role in an episode of Veterinarian's Hospital where he goes to Dr. Bob with a sore throat.

Uncle Deadly

One of the creepiest Muppets, Uncle Deadly premiered fittingly in an episode opposite Vincent Price although he'd get his own feature role in a later episode as the Phantom of the Muppet Theatre. In the following clip, Uncle Deadly's segment starts at 5:50

Vincent Price and Uncle Deadly in "House of Horror"


Beakie is a hideous bird creature made from a fright wig, but how can you not remember her for her loving duet with Alice Cooper as they sing "You and Me"


A lumpy blue monster with solemn eyes, Thog got the Godzilla treatment in a sketch featuring M*A*S*H's Loretta Swit singing "I Feel the Earth Move"



    Uncle Deadly is officially my favorite monster muppet of all time. Great post!

  2. In the UK the 'muppet' is used to describe a clownish type. One of me best freinds was nicknamed 'Gonzo'.

    A team of us was sat in a pub and a girl walked past. "What are you all watching?" she said. It was Kenny Rogers in a train singing The Gambler with a bunch of Jim's creations.

    20 years since he died? You wouldn't know it.

  3. Miss Piggy always scared the crap out of me.

  4. My love for the Muppets knows no bounds. I was 8 when Henson died and remember knowing exactly what that meant, and sobbing. I still get choked up hearing The Rainbow Connection or just about any interview with Henson.

    Are you familiar with The Jim Henson Hour, a series that ran around 1989 (I think)? Some really dark fairy/folk tales told with Muppet-like creatures. Interesting stuff to track down if you can.

  5. Emily,

    Oh yes! I am very familiar with the Jim Henson Muppet Hour. I used to watch it every night it was on. I loved the Story Teller segment and it's darker tone. In particular, I really liked the Dog City special episode.

  6. The only ones fresh in my mind are the Icarus story, the one about the man wandering earth, purgatory, and hell, and one that I remember being really sad involving a big rock monster of sorts. Damn. Now I need to rewatch these!

  7. This post made my day; love these Muppet monsters. Thog was so underused. I can't wait for Season #4 to come out.



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