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May 24, 2010

SCREAMWAVE #4: The Hills Have Eyes

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Aaron and Kris strand themselves in the desert to discuss The Hills Have Eyes franchise starting with the original 1977 film and ending with the remake sequel from 2007. Then we have an interview with Chainsaw Mary and Matty O’ Shadykins about the new Hammer City Roller Girls season and a local spooky kids show project: The Hamityville Spoookies. If that weren’t enough, Aaron and Kris go to Earth and Beyond to talk about one of the smallest and deadliest creatures in the animal kingdom. Aaron also has a minnie rant about the hype over a new Ontario water " monster.” Finally, listener feedback!

[Original music by Nathan Fleet].

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Show Notes
Hammer City Roller Girls
Punk N’ Puppets: A fundraiser for the making of The Hamityville Spookies
Tiny but deadly rare frogs bred in UK
Mystery Creature Pulled From Ontario Creek (pics)
“Monster” emerges from northern Ontario creek
The Dark Hours podcast
Double Shot Reviews

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